The Ethics Inside Of The Field Of Criminal Justice Essay example

The Ethics Inside Of The Field Of Criminal Justice Essay example

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This essay will utilize the ideas gained in the course to depict current theories identified within the ethics inside of the field of criminal justice. Additionally, the essay will address and clarify in detail the definition of slippery slope and its relationship to gratuities and examples of each of the following theories in police corruption: society at large hypothesis, structural or affiliation hypothesis and rotten apple hypothesis. Regarding open trust for law enforcement, recent surveys demonstrate that only 56 percent of individuals evaluated the police as having a high ethical standard as contrasted with 84 percent for nurses. (Martin, 2011)
O. W. Wilson describes slippery slope in the police department as corruption that starts with a harmless and well intentioned processes, which can lead to individuals and entire departments into accepting crimes for profit. (Delattre, 2011) In simpler terms, it’s a course of action that can lead to something unethical, unacceptable and wrong. Corruption becomes routine when officers believe that other parts of the criminal justice system are corrupt. (Delattre, 2011) An example of slippery slope, an officer is parked by a bank grabbing some lunch and he notices some men in mask coming from inside of a bank, with large bags of money. This police officer stops the masked men and makes a deal with them if they give him a portion of the money, he will let them go. The officer rationalizes that if they are arrested, they would eventually be released on bond and the cash will go to a bails bondman and for all that trouble, officer reasons that he might as well kept the money for himself. (Delattre, 2011) Another example of a slippery slope, a police officer accepts a gratuity from a perso...

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... 2011) Those poorly trained officers were convicted of the following crimes: burglary, robbery, millions of dollars in gratuity, and the conspiracy to commit murder against a drug dealer who became the state’s witness. (Delattre, 2011)
In conclusion, this essay examined three essential hypotheses that can be utilized to explain corruption among cops particularly: the society at large hypothesis, the structural or affiliation hypothesis and the rotten apple hypothesis. In addition to that, this essay also addressed the definition of slippery slope and its relation to gratuities. Gratuities are the most prolific allurement that officers face while on the job, however it comes down to the character and high ethical standard of greatness that can make the difference between a cop who is and will stay incorruptible and the cop who will eventually succumb to corruption.

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