Essay on The Ethics in Biomedical Research

Essay on The Ethics in Biomedical Research

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Rebecca Skloot is a writer specialized in science and medicine. In her first book, Skloot writes about Henrietta Lacks’ life story. Henrietta Lacks was a strong African-American woman, who died because of cancer without knowing that her cancer cells were immortal and very useful for medical research. Her family lived a poverty life without health care, when her cell was commercialized all around the world. That condition was related to biomedical research’s ethics and how consent form should be used properly.
“Henrietta Lacks was born in Roanoke, Virginia, on August 1, 1920” (Skloot 40). Her mother died when she delivered her tenth child. Because of losing her mother, Henrietta ended up stayed with her grandfather. However, Henrietta Grandfather raised another grandchild already. His name was David Lack and people called him Day. Henrietta and Day shared a bedroom since she was four years old. That is why, Henrietta first son was born when she just turn fourteen years old. And her second son was born four years later. On April 10, 1941, Henrietta and Day married; they were twenty and twenty five respectively. Henrietta and Day work very hard to feed the family. The work is tough as the black man do the job that white man will not do. Day and Henrietta planted tobacco seedling. Henrietta literally put the tobacco seed in a hole of red dirt. “Henrietta was pushing a homemade wheelbarrow and dropping tobacco seedlings into holes in the freshly turned red dirt” (Skloot 47).
One day, a week after delivering her third baby, Henrietta found something strange in her vagina. There was a lump that hurting her. First, Henrietta ignored it; however, she continuously had an abnormal bleeding when it was not her menstrual period. Finally, th...

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...d is not only material but also any appreciation or honor. So that, Henrietta poor family might have a better life quality. Henrietta’s kids should have better education. Henrietta should not only become biomedical research’s hero, but also her family’s hero as well.
To summarize, the ethics of biomedical research need to be improved. Any consent form is signed by patient to control any procedure conducted during any treatment or operation. If there is any violation, patient or the patient’s family has a right to prosecute the medical team. Finally, Henrietta’s life story can be used as a lesson to improve the biomedical research’s regulation. And also eliminate any inequality on minorities. Everyone is deserved to be valued and respected.

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