Ethics Hotline : The Jones Group Essay

Ethics Hotline : The Jones Group Essay

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Ethics Hotline:

The Jones Group believes in empowering our employees; We want to cultivate a moral and ethical environment. We want to provide you with those tools so that you can identify the signs of fraud or other questionable conduct. We also want you to give you the ability to report any questionable conduct, safely and confidentially. We have established a toll-free number 1-877-BRN2BWD that 's 1-877 -276-2293. The number will be available 24/7,365 days a year.

Open Door Policy:

Employees will be able to report any incident that they either witnessed or are directly involved, without fear of retaliation. All employees will be able to talk with a member of management or a member of our HR department. All reports of misconduct will be held in the strictest of confidence and investigated to the fullest extent. The management team here at The Jones Group takes all employees concerns very seriously.

We ask that all incidents have as much documentation as possible. We will also look at if this is a recurring issue or if they have been coached about the misconduct in the past. We will interview all pertinent parties as well as supervisors, co-workers, and third parties before bringing any accusations to the accused party. We will also seek legal counsel if warranted. We will then bring the alleged perpetrator of the misconduct and let them give their version of events; then we will make our final decision. Employees who have reported suspicious misconduct should not feel guilty for reporting any act that they think could be misconduct. We encourage a safe environment and want all of our employees to be comfortable and as stress-free as possible. Employees can also speak with a senior member of management, even...

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... the next tier to deal with misconduct is the disciplinary level

Disciplinary Process

5th Offense: 3-day suspension without pay and final written action. Also at that time of suspension any credit cards and vehicles issued by the Jones Group will be surrendered. If the employee corrects the misconduct all items that were surrendered will be returned to the employee.

6th Offense: Termination.

Review of Ethics Program

We will have a review of our ethics program every two years. We will have a committee comprised of management and employees so that we can discuss policies that need to be improved, added or discarded. The Jones Group also reserves the right to implement, change or remove policies as we deem necessary. Any policy changes that the company decides to implement will be immediately reported to our employees.

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