Ethics : Ethics, Morals, And The Morality Of The Choices That Individuals Make

Ethics : Ethics, Morals, And The Morality Of The Choices That Individuals Make

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Ethics is the study of right or wrong and the morality of the choices that individuals make. That basicly means the set of morals or responsibility that a person, group, or field have. Ethics can also be classified as code of morals. In business there are ethics that portray to business. These are called business ethics, business ethics just happen to be the application of ethics, morals, into the business field. Some examples of business ethics are obeying all rules and regulations even when nobody 's looking, which is pretty self explanatory, you shouldn’t be breaking rules. Even if it is as simple as washing your hands after you use the restroom or straight up lying to your customers, they are the ones making you money so if they find out you get a bad reputation on you company. You shouldn’t be knowingly deceiving your any one, whether that be your co-workers, employees, or customers, especially customers! It’s pretty bad if your co-workers or employees find out you are knowingly deceiving them, they might get mad or quit but if your customers find out they are gone for good. You shouldn’t be misrepresenting anyone in any way. You also shouldn’t be intimidating anyone in the workplace. Those are just some don’ts in business ethics, there are a lot of more good things you should do to help build healthy relationships with your co-workers and employees.
So what do good responsible business ethics look like? Most morals that people already can transfer over to the business field, for example, telling the truth, not lying, and being trustworthy can all be applied to business. That is what business ethics really are, you treating the customers right, treating yourself and the people around you right way. Well some examples of go...

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...because when people know you are ethical they build a relation with your company, they know that you truly care for their employees and customers. A lot of people like to have a connection with companies so if they like what you do and know what you do it’s good for the company.
Business ethics, the application of morals into the business field. This is why business ethics are so important overall in businesses, without ethics there would be so much corruption and bad businesses with people working in them that are also unethical. With business ethics in the not only the workplace but overall the whole company a company can grow and at the same time show that they are. At the end of the day when people and whole company have good business ethics, treat their employees and their customers right, know what is morally wrong, that is when business will be as smoothest.

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