Essay about Ethics : Ethics And The Meaning Of Evil

Essay about Ethics : Ethics And The Meaning Of Evil

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Ethics serves as a vital crux of society. We learn them through our interactions with others as we progress through life. They provide a moral system for us to go by as we interact and participate among the populace. Ethics guides our decisions, define our temperament and influence our future. They establish a very basic form of order that streamlines the productivity of a society. Anywhere you look you can see the presence of ethics in various organizations and institutions. Whether it be political, lawful, medical, religious or social. At it 's very core ethic deals with protecting fundamental basic freedoms such as the right to live, avoid abusive treatment and right and right to security as well as basic human liberties such as the freedom of speech and freedom from persecution. In Badiou 's short essay on ethics “Ethics An Essay on the Understanding of Evil” he delves into his criticism of ethics and the meaning of evil.
In the perspective of Badiou, ethics are just a method for deducting evil. Evil is the ultimate form of political judgment. It constitutes anything that is ill intended and is antagonistic to the good or the force that is adverse to said evil. Evil relies on the concept of good to exist, without a general consensus of good there is only the harsh innocence of life which is neither good nor evil but beneath the two. Without the duality of good and evil there would be very little purpose to the rule of law. The rule of law is meant to create a space for the assimilation of evil. This is also referred to as “freedom of opinion” which basically means the freedom to denote evil and provides a means of seeking said evil if it 's identity isn 't clear. such as in the case of various judicial precautions to pr...

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... the instance euthanasia or assisted suicide, ethics resides at the divide between the drive for happiness and life and the fascination with death. By prolonging the life of someone suffering, it provokes us in a way we see as morally destructive.
So to recap Badiou has a very interesting idea of ethics. He sees views ethics as a method for deducting the ill indented. To be evil is to violate a truth process. These processes manifest into our moral systems we fallow throughout our lives. They influence who we are and who we will become. There is not just a singular face of evil it can present itself in several ways. Badiou presents us with three: the simulacrum, betrayal and the disaster. Each showing a representation of evil in it 's most pure
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form. We can only see evil for what it is once we remove our internalized bias of the public opinion.

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