Ethics : Ethics And Ethics Essay

Ethics : Ethics And Ethics Essay

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Code of Ethics
According to Professional Conduct and Ethics in Education power point, ethics is the study and development of one’s ethical standards. As a person you develop or follow a code of conduct. Three ideals make up a persons ethical code. Morality, which is the distinction between what that person thinks is right and wrong. Virtue, which is valuing high moral standards. The third one is personal right, which is an individual ability to distinguish right and wrong and choose to do the right thing. However, how does one decides what is right and wrong can be different from the next person. In education we are faced with three types of ethical commitments to the Teaching profession. We have personal ethical commitments along with ethical commitments to our students and to the profession.

Ethical commitment/guidelines to self
I consider my professional and private life the one and the same. I believe that when a person enters a career such as an educator they are making a commitment to a life style where your job and home life can’t be separated. I think a teacher is easily comparable a police officer where you are always on duty even when you are not in uniform. The lines are so blended between the personal life and professional life of a teacher your ethics cannot change from when you are in the classroom and when you are out of the classroom. As a teacher you must find code of ethics that can coexist.
I try to commit my self to be the up most professional that I can be. I model my ethical guidelines on these three core values. The first point: Service before self, second point: Integrity first, and third point: Excellence in all you do. If you heard this three core values before, that’s because they are the three ...

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...and obeying the law, and by demonstrating personal integrity”. As a profession we are held to higher standard and more scrutinized for it. The actions of one will affect all and all will be scrutinized for the laps in judgment by one.
There are three ideals that make up one’s personal ethical code, morals, virtue, and the personal right to choose. A person’s ethical code determines what they think is right and what they think is wrong. As a teacher we use this ethical code to do right by our profession, to our students, and to do right for our selves. We are entrusted by the public to educated and protect the youth of our community. With that responsibility, we as teachers are held to much higher standard. With that high standard placed upon us our ethical code must also exhibit that same high standard which we must live by.

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