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Ethics : Deeper Into Ethics Essay

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Deeper into Ethics
Ethics is defined as a study that deals with what behavior is considered to be, good or bad. Ethics is about doing what is right for other people throughout society (Kraft). Ethical principles result from religions, philosophies, and cultural ideas. The world is changing and so is everything in it, judgments about what is ethically right and wrong are also changing. Ethical relativism is important within society, along with utilitarianism, deontology, virtue-based ethics, and ethical principles of healthcare.
Ethical subdivision is a complex way of saying that an individual’s morals, personal views on what is right and wrong, are completely within that individual’s control. For example, I may feel that abortion is unlawful where as another individual may feel it is adequate, but that is acceptable because we have different morals. Cultural relativism is a complex way of saying that all beliefs, customs, activities and ethics are relative to an individual’s culture and should be understood by others in terms of that specific culture. Cultures can be psychical objects such as, cars, clothing, books, pictures, etc. They can also be spiritual such as, family patters, beliefs, rules, languages, etc. For example, it is within my culture to attend church on Sundays if I were to get marries my husband would have to accept my accomplished cultural, weather he did so by going with me or accepting my cultural values. Cultures very from many different thigs. The idea of cultural relativism is not to judge the action, but simply to understand is based on the culture which it occurs (Kraft). Although ethical subdivision and cultural relativism seem relatively the same there is indeed a difference. Cultural relativism specul...

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...ceptable to lie to the patient because it would make him happier, and this is the weakness of this theory. Although a strength of act utilitarianism is to always make decisions on what would conclude a person be happy, in this case it is wrong because it is unethical is the medical sense to lie to a patient. If a rule utilitarianist were to handle this decision they would look at the long term consequences of keeping information from a patient and they might calculate that they may never be able to trust their doctors or anyone helping them for that matter. In the end rule utilitarianists would conclude that there would be far more harm in lying to the acceptable thing to do is tell the truth. Overall, from the example I have given, and the research I have conducted, I feel the strength of utilitarianism is the rule portion and the problems arise in the act portion.

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