The Ethics Committee Within The Faculty Of Arts, Design And Social Sciences At Northumbria University

The Ethics Committee Within The Faculty Of Arts, Design And Social Sciences At Northumbria University

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This dissertation project will be subject to full consideration by the Ethics Committee within the Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences at Northumbria University. The health and safety of all involved will remain paramount at all times and appropriate risk assessments will be conducted for all locations. A comprehensive ethical framework will form the basis of the study both at organisational and professional level (NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERSITY 2014).
The researcher also agrees to be bound by the British Criminological Society Statement of Ethics (2015) as well as guidelines for research produced by the MoJ and NOMS (2016).
All data obtained during the research process will be anonymised as necessary and stored securely within a locked filing cabinet to which the researcher has sole access. Individuals and/or organisations will not be identifiable in any publication or dissemination resulting from the dissertation. Furthermore, ALL data is to be confidentially destroyed no later than 6 months from the submission of this dissertation.
Data acquired during the research process will take into consideration all relevant copyright and data protection legislation. The data used for this dissertation is widely available in the public domain but nevertheless, it will be used solely for the purposes of this undergraduate academic dissertation and not be used in such a way as to give rise to any cause for concern.
The researcher has, for many years, been interested in the penal system in England and Wales and over the course of their undergraduate degree studies, they have confirmed penology as an area of keen interest. Recent coverage in the news media of the increasing general prison population and stud...

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...te continued debate and long-term sustained impact on the physical, intellectual, emotional and social wellbeing of the aging offender. The researcher is also optimistic that additional benefits will occur from the research findings, including ensuring:
 The research will be made available for the development of further work into the care and rehabilitation of older offenders.
 The profile of the aging offender is raised amongst academics and society in order to encourage continued informed debate.
 The ongoing professional development of the researcher concerned with the development of skills and furthering of knowledge.
 Provide targeted and detailed knowledge about the diverse needs of the aging offender, taking into account the needs of those who experience it and demonstrate the impact of imprisonment on an already vulnerable cohort of individuals.

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