Essay about Ethics Case Study: Clinical Psychologist

Essay about Ethics Case Study: Clinical Psychologist

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As the result of a colleague’s sudden serious illness, a clinical psychologist is asked to teach a physiological psychology course, which is definitely outside his area of expertise. The course begins in one week. The department chair recognizes that the psychologist is not competent is this area, but he is as qualified as anyone else in the department and is the only person whose schedule can accommodate the course. The course is required for graduation, and several seniors will not graduate at the end of the semester if they do not take the course now.
What should the faculty member do?
This clinical psychologist is faced to ethical dilemmas of teaching a class that he is not competent in teaching, as well as a conflict of interest with the department chair that understands his dilemma, but wants him to abandon his principles and compromise ethics. American Psychologist Association (APA) developed ethical principles and codes to assist psychologist when they are faced with ethical dilemmas. Utilitarianism and Kant’s Formalist Theory are two models of ethical reasoning the psychologist can concerned in determine how to this dilemma as well. Gary Ford has also written an ethical decision making process that can guide psychologist in gathering information to their ethical dilemmas.
APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct have established regulations to guide psychologist in conducting ethical behavior, while protecting their clients. However, ethical standards doe not state the consequences of an action. APA ethical principle C discusses the psychologist need for integrity. The psychologist is compromising this principle because he not promoting honest, and truthfulness in the science, teaching,...

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...t teach the class. However, the chairperson wants him to teach the course with knowledge of standards. APA also suggests psychologist consult with the other psychologist to resolve the issues. Fords has offered a decision making progress to assist psychologist in resolving ethical issues. The model is a good tool to help psychologist resolve an ethical dilemma.

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