Essay about Ethics Awareness in Business

Essay about Ethics Awareness in Business

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Each individual faces a situation in professional or personal life, where they are required to make an ethical decision. This type of decision making requires a person to make a personal judgment about a matter that affects lives of other people. For Example, to hire or fire a person based on race, ethnicity, or religion would be an unethical decision. In this paper will be discussed the ethical values of Shelina Virani, how her values align with the values of Kudler Fine Foods, and how these values would effect her performance as a manager at Kudler Fine Food.
I was required to take the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Self Assessment and her ethical profile was most closely aligned with (R) results. This means that I values overall good for society as a whole. If she was a manager and most of her employees were unhappy then she would feel that it is due to an unethical decision that was made. In the past, I was faced with dilemmas at work and she had to make an ethical decision for the betterment of her company. While working at Shell Oil Company as an administrative assistant, it was her responsibility to log each team members hours in the system and match them with the clock reading report. This was more of an honesty and trust issue to Shell. They trusted her to double check the hours of all team members and input the data in the system, so the employees can be paid on time. From time to time, there would be a time card that had different hours written and didn’t match with the clock reading report. The clock reading report is never wrong because it is printed from the computer that scans an employees badge when they come to work. Since, it was the same person every time; an ethical decision had to b...

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...s should only expand if it has enough capital to run more locations and pay the bank on time, even if the new venture is not meeting its profit margin. When people expand businesses, get credit line from bank, and then close the business results in loss for the society as a whole. Employees loose their jobs, banks don’t get paid on the loans or credit line, vendors have to pick up their products, consignments are lost, and the owner looses the running capital that he or she had put aside for the new venture. In this paper was discussed ethical values of me, how they aligned with values of Kudler Fine Food, and how these values would effect her performance, if she was a manager at Kudler. It is very important for business managers to understand the employee and customer relationship and at the same time be able to make an ethical decision that is best for everyone.

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