Essay on Ethics Assignment : Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?

Essay on Ethics Assignment : Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?

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Ethics Assignment:
Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?
Identification of Dilemma:
George is a young family oriented guy who has recently came back from his first year of college as a mechanical engineer. George is planning to marry his girlfriend Cathy and start their life together. In order to do this George has to find a good job to save for their future. He finds the perfect night job, with great pay, and a fun environment. The Job he found was at Eastern Dairy which is a unionized manufacturing company. Working there George discovers that there is no supervision for his crew, everyone just has to do their own job and get out of work on time. Everything seems be working out perfect until George has to face an ethical dilemma that could change everything for him.
Eastern Dairy is a manufacturing company that produces milkshake and ice cream mix and sells it to different customers in the metropolitan area. While working there George discovers that there is no manager supersizing the employees of the night crew. There are also many rules that aren’t being implemented as much as they should be. Paul is the closest thing to a manager that the night crew has and he isn’t very responsible. He is in charge of receiving the production orders, the crew looks up to him but he isn’t a very good leader. There is a lot of playing around the job and the rules aren’t followed because people get influenced by Paul.
George finds his self in a dilemma as one night he is working and notices that the production filters are getting clogged up with pulverized maggots. He immediately informs Paul of the situation. George is expecting for Paul to stop the production and make sure that the problem is resolved and there are no maggots at all in the pr...

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...ld be a greater chance that an ethical decision would have been taken. Not having regular inspections caused the crew to lean back a lot and not clean and sanitize their equipment correctly to avoid problems like the above mentioned. If inspections were having more often in the production line George would really be more motivated to do what was right and not accepts Paul’s horrible advice.
George had needs that could only be fulfilled if he kept his job. Although he didn’t feel good about it I believe he decided to do the unethical thing and keep working without the filters all though he knew that the pulverized maggots could be in the milkshakes of many restaurants. In this case George had no motivation to do the right thing from any manager. There was also a lack of regulations or inspections which would motivate the employees to report this kinds of incidents.

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