Ethics Are The Branch Of Philosophy That Deals With Morality, Or Human Conduct

Ethics Are The Branch Of Philosophy That Deals With Morality, Or Human Conduct

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Ethics are the branch of philosophy that deals with morality, or human conduct. In essence, ethics are moral principles centered on a general belief of what is right or wrong. Similarly, values are principles that signify how important something is to us, and they help to guide our daily behavior. Together, morals and values are interpreted on an individual level to determine one’s personal ethics. By raising one’s awareness regarding their personal ethics, or moral aptitude, individuals are more capable of effectively analyzing complex situations and are better prepared to assist in the decision making process.
Personal Professional Moral Compass
A thorough understanding of one’s belief system fosters the ability to identify the capacity in which personal beliefs may influence a problem and/or its resolution. Personally, I have experienced a multitude of life-altering adversities in life, and it is that wide array of experiences that allows me to empathize with my patients and peers. I am passionate about caring for others when they cannot care for themselves. The fact that I have experienced life as a patient and a caretaker helps me to appreciate both perspectives. I value honesty and integrity and practice these principles when providing care. This helps to build trust and promote effective nurse-patient relations. A strong moral compass increases my accountability to the provision of quality care. However, there is always the potential for my personal views to conflict with my obligation to practice if presented with individuals who do not share the same moral principles, as we are all human and experience different emotions when exposed to certain circumstances. Nevertheless, a conscientious effort to distinguish between my...

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... difficult, and conflict with our desire to care for patients, we must remain objective in our approach, using the criteria that we have established, so that we are able to continue to offer a great service to our community.
As nurses, we have a professional responsibility to provide accountable and responsive care (Purtilo & Doherty, 2010). Therefore, it is important to remember that one’s personal ethics can directly influence the care they provide. Identifying the principles that direct one’s moral compass, can minimize the projection of our personal values and beliefs into a given situation which will allow for a more objective assessment of complex problems. With that said, this increased awareness of our moral principles and values can serve to improve our delivery of care and decision-making abilities, especially as they pertain to ethical dilemmas.

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