Ethics Are Good Principals That Control A Person 's Actions Essay

Ethics Are Good Principals That Control A Person 's Actions Essay

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According to the Oxford Dictionary ethics are good principals that control a person ‘s actions or the managing of an activity. Ethics are an important part of our everyday lives and our personal moral beliefs are responsible for our judgments and actions. I believe that there are times in every person 's life when (s) he has to choose the right alternative, deciding between right and wrong and support what is appropriate for society as a whole, which is when the personal ethics system comes into the picture.
Giving the fact that I grew up in a religious family where the respect of God’s principles and the respect of other and self was predominant, today my personal ethics consist of qualities that my parents inculcated me when I was younger, which always help me pick the right option in complex situation. I strongly believe that in order to receive fair treatment from others, it is very important to treat others the way you want to be treated. Therefore, I try my best to be polite to everyone I meet. I do have a respectful interaction for most the time.
In addition, life situation helped me understand that in order to be free I need to be a hard worker, earn anything I have. I also consider my hardworking and sincere nature to be one of my biggest strengths. I believe honesty and hard work are intricately linked, and this has always shown me the importance of dedication and sincerity for fulfilling my ambitions, which is why, I am not afraid to take up apparently difficult tasks. I am not afraid to stand up for what I truly believe in, and being a rational person, I let time-to-time emotions take control me, except in situation when justice has to prevail. I also consider that consistency is one the most important personal ethics...

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... on the desire to save them from further damage of the disease. Since each community the leaders are more understood and more respected from the people, I would choose these leaders as partners. I will empower them the way that they would be ready to teach each member of their community, and I know that it takes time to develop a rapport of trust with the community. Trying to gain the trust of the community leaders would be part of my project. This project would ask hard work and patience and endurance.
Overall, it is clear that personal ethics are important not only in a professional or academic setting, but also in every individual 's personal life. My personal ethics will always influence my decisions and actions during any dilemma, and if I come across any more ethics that will help my personal and professional growth, I will not hesitate to adapt to them.

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