Ethics And Virtues Of Human Beings

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I grew up as an Asian in a western society and both have influenced my ethics, virtues and morals heavily. Growing up in a diverse culture and mix of communities has caused me to stop and think about what I see, hear and experienced all the time. It is very hard to pick out one specific school of ethical philosophy as I have observed that real life is more complicated then rigid rules and thinking, every situation has to be evaluated according to that moment in time and factors in play. Reading all the material I also get a sense that philosophers are still trying to come out with better theories and have yet come to an agreement on which is the best one to describe ethics and virtues of human beings. From all the reading material this week, I picked “Virtue Ethical Theories” as the one I would like to talk about and explore more. Virtue Ethical Theories is divided into three main schools of thought which are: Eudemonism, agent-based theories and the ethics of care (Athanassoulis, n.d.). Eudaimonism according the reading material comes from the Aristotelian term “Eudaimonia” which loosely means happiness and says that every action is to achieve some good, and thereby resulting in happiness, contentment and fulfillment (Athanassoulis, n.d.). From reading the text I understood that it is saying that people always try to do something to achieve something good and useful and that the actions that we considered virtues are just a means to achieve the ultimate goal of happiness and goodness for the person and everyone else. For example you working and studying hard in school is a virtue, because ultimately you want to get a better job with the degree you’ll get at the successful completion of your studies. You only have these virtues, b... ... middle of paper ... ...on would occur that sacrificing my life would safe my child, I would do it, being the eldest of three siblings, I always was ready to protect them with my life in needed, so my child would be a no brainer. Ethics is very tricky as anything related to humans and human interaction, even between two people that cared for each other and enjoyed each other’s company couldn’t agree on what to do in a hypothetical situation of abortion to save a life of the mother or not. There are many interesting theories on ethics and virtues and depending on the situation some apply well and some don’t, and all have their place on our road to understand what it is to be moral and virtuous person. We have to agree that we are all different, and it is impossible to agree on everything, but as long as we strive to have virtues that bring forth happiness for most, it should be acceptable.
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