Essay on Ethics And The Health Care Industry

Essay on Ethics And The Health Care Industry

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In the health care industry, patients’ have a legal right when making decisions pertaining to their health and medical needs. Did you know, it is the responsibility of medical professionals to promote responsible business practices at every level of the organization and the business should be conducted ethically and honestly? Ethics are the values and moral principles that govern and guide the decisions and actions of a group or an individual. Ethics give direction on how to act right from wrong when faced with moral issues and dilemmas. In addition, there are three ways ethics are used within the health care aspect;
1. Philosophical ethics-involves inquiry about ways of life and rules of conduct
2. Way of life-religious ethics
3. Moral conduct-involves professional ethics and unethical behavior
The patient’s rights are the concept of participating in their treatment options and promoting their own safety by being informed and involved in their health care (Pozgar, 2011).
As the head health care administrator at the USA Community Hospital, the regional supervisor has instructed me to evaluate the compliance reports on disputes relating to the ethical conduct of the professional staff, review patient registries and standard procedures surrounding the ethical treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS within the hospital. In order for this to take place, the hospital will need to allow the human resource department to partake in the investigation of reviewing the denial medical claims.
The proper plan for processing these claims needs to be verified with the information in our electronic medical records system first. It is vital that all data is correct because it will aid in the processing of the denied claims. When validating the pa...

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...Contact with PLHAs
Institutional level Training programs
Policy development
Governmental/structural level Legal interventions
Rights-based approaches

In conclusion, it can be challenging for any organization to implement changes and sustain the professional quality of services, but USA Community Hospital is willing to remain professional in the community so that patients will feel secure in the medical services we provide. In fact, the main objective for the hospital was to make sure the complaints if any among the patients were handled. USA Community Hospital has shown an effective and efficient facility of services in the community for the patients and all others regardless of their health situation. The Department of Health Services has notified the hospital that the medical professionals are highly trained with very little medical errors within the hospital.

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