Essay on Ethics And The Criminal Justice System

Essay on Ethics And The Criminal Justice System

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Society and the individuals that make them up can be complex and difficult to understand. Based on the first question, ethics is defined as the principles that govern the way people and the groups that make them up behave. So what would society be like if a single form of ethical behavior is assigned to the criminal justice system? My response would be that it is nearly impossible to judge every single human being by a single form of ethics. In truth, what would our criminal justice system look like if it became so one dimensional, it would change the way we view justice and the way, which it is practiced. The truth of the matter is that individuals are too different to judge based on a standard. You might have a person that is clearly innocent, that has not committed something extremely serious, but if those ethical codes are very strong against the crime for which they are being judged an innocent, or not dangerous individual can be tried unfairly.
Also, in terms of morals, nothing will change, to many murders is one of the most serious crimes an individual can commit, and it is clearly illegal and a well-known crime. Yet society cannot change those murders and make them not commit these crimes. The intent that a person has to commit a crime in many cases will not change, chances are no matter what the ethical and moral standards of that society are those dangerous crimes will still be committed. It depends on the individual; the criminal justice system cannot do much on the situation. However, this does not mean that our government cannot try to deter these actions, by enforcing the negatives of murder, and increasing the consequences for these terrible actions.
Now moving on, government in many occasions is made up of two dif...

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...y be fonder of the idea of the death penalty. The others would maybe no agree so strongly, they would probably stand on there belief that it is incorrect and the worst that should be done do a suspect is incarceration. Based on my understanding, it would honestly depend on the severity of the murder and how gruesome it is.
All in all, the legal system is made of many different working parts that without one another would cease to function properly. Every one of the pieces of government play a part in the decision making of this country, and how, why, and what are the actions to be take against those that have broken the law or committed and injustice. The law of the land is constantly changing and shifting, so keeping it balanced and un-corrupt is the main overall goal for any national, and safe country means a peaceful prosperous society.

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