Ethics And School Leadership : Ethics Essay

Ethics And School Leadership : Ethics Essay

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Journal Entry One: Ethics and School Leadership
To be an effective administrator you must know how to balance your personal believes and the protocol of the district. During your position you will have times when it’s hard to make the call you need to based off of your own personal beliefs and ethics. You also may disagree with a parent or colleagues beliefs, but you must respect their opinion and follow district protocol. As an administrator, I will deal with ethical issues based on the district guidelines. I know it may be easy to say that, but you have to do what the situation is called for by the book. I may not always agree with the protocol, but I have to do the job with fairness and equity. The biggest area I need to improve on is my own personal beliefs getting in the way. I know I usually want to add my own perspective on an event, but I need to follow the book. I have to make sure I treat the situation with the proper procedure. The disposition that aligns with this journal entry is ethics. Ethics needs to adhered by the district, state, and federal guidelines. I want my campus to have integrity and be fair for all students.
Journal Entry Two: Budgeting and Student Achievement
As a school leader you need to have an idea on how you want to allocate funds. You must align your philosophy of education with your budget. You have to be willing to spend funds to better your educational process for your students. Budgeting is an important aspect of my job as a school leader. I have to show reasoning behind my decisions to allocate funds for my school. I know I will base my decisions off of what is best for the students and their achievement. When you budget and use the money in a correct way for professional ...

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...the hiring process and how to use other colleagues to help make hard decisions when you have equal candidates. I know I have to make tough decisions on what is best for the students and their achievement when hiring new staff. The staff has to work well together and I need to know how many people I should have on the interview committee to ensure we are hiring the right candidate. I also need to know the budget I get for hiring new staff and what the district and guidelines are for hiring. The disposition that aligns to this journal entry is ethics. Ethics is important when hiring new staff. I want to make sure I’m giving every candidate a fair opportunity to be hired for the position. I also want to make sure I adhere to local, state, and federal laws when running my campus and hiring new staff. The school needs to be fair for all who attend and work there.

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