Ethics And Organizational Management At Dimes Seattle Office Essay

Ethics And Organizational Management At Dimes Seattle Office Essay

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1. I am not surprised one person damaged the office culture. I think all organizations want to be successful however the wrong mix of employees and leaders can impair their goals. A clash of personal conflicts and organizational management can lead to a dysfunctional workplace. The successful dealing of problems which impact the March of Dimes Seattle office will need to include good organizational leadership. Stephanie is not utilizing ongoing support learning and development of employees, which sets a bad example. It just takes one bad person to damage the ability to fulfill the organizational mission. Employees who feel manipulated and disrespected by poor leadership feel distraught. Leaders are instrumental in creating and changing an organization’s culture and there is a direct correspondence between a leader’s management style and an organization’s culture. For example, if Stephanie motivated employees through inspiration, her organizational culture would be much more supportive and positive.
2. Organizational culture is important to facilitate the success of any nonprofit. The behavior and attitude of employees, volunteers, and leaders reflect the March of Dimes mission and provides the foundation for their culture. I would suggest hiring a consultant, which can provide a strategic understanding and identify additional hidden conflicts within the Seattle office. Contracting with a consultant can assist with clarifying roles and resolving conflicts. Volunteers who reduce their uncertainty about their task and social roles should be more confident and more willing to recruit for the organization (Hansen, Kramer, & Meisenbach, 2013). Once a consultant is brought in, his or her own perspectives and values ca...

... middle of paper ... which the goal to improve her unacceptable behavior. In her case, corrective action is necessary because of recent events with Andrea and the high amount of turnover. Using a performance improvement plan (PIP) can assist in raising Stephanie’s performance levels to meet March of Dimes acceptable standards, expectations, and requirements. Dr. Howse should contact Human Resources to assist with performance related concerns. To institute a PIP, Dr. Howse should: (1) met with Stephanie to discuss her performance issue and situation with Andrea; (2) describe the expectation (3) provide a copy of the PIP. Stephanie should be provided a well thought-out PIP to strength her leadership ability with communication and follow-up over a reasonable period of time to yield improvement. Stephanie should not be fired until she has been provided the opportunity to improve.

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