The Ethics and Morality of Eugenics in Society Essay

The Ethics and Morality of Eugenics in Society Essay

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My research revolves around the ethics and morality of eugenics (Science of heredity and good breeding), and whether society should be in favor of influencing genetics in order to create a more favorable genetic pool. This topic interests me because I find great interest in political and cultural issues, and I have always been fascinated by whether eugenics would actually work and if governments should be in support of it. The sources I found were all scientific journals from credible books. I did this to because I needed to gain information on studies that have taken place in the name of eugenics as well as establish that eugenics is high priority within the scientific community.Taking this into consideration, my research question is: Is eugenics capable of being established and thriving in the contemporary society?
Source 1- Eugenics and Disability Discrimination, written by David Pfeiffer. This source will be helpful because it establishes how eugenics can affect those who are physically or mentally disabled which helps answer if eugenics would be a good thing for society. This source is credible because it is written in a journal titled “Disability and Society” which analyzes the issues that the disabled deal with every day in their normal lives and it is written by a professor for the Suffolk University School of Management. The source makes three main claims: 1 - There is continued discrimination against the disabled within the United States. 2 - Many in academia do not believe that discrimination exists or that there are laws that exist that heavily discriminate against the disabled. 3 - That Darwin’s evolutionary theory is wrongly used in being the driving force behind such wrongful attempts, and until such people use it ...

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