Ethics And Ethics : The Tuskegee Study, Henrietta Lacks, And The Tudor Study

Ethics And Ethics : The Tuskegee Study, Henrietta Lacks, And The Tudor Study

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Ethics has changed over the years as perspectives and ideals have developed. Professionals alike now question what was once seen as entirely ethical. Today speech-language pathologists have a written code of ethical standards to adhere by; to ensure the most ethical practices as seen by today’s standards. This code has changed several times throughout history due to the unethical procedures of others research. This code is used by both researchers and clinicians to facilitate the safety of all those involved. Without adhering to the code, researchers and clinicians are facilitating risky and ineffective practices. Because the codes of ethics are always changing, one must assess his or her own ethical standards, and not only the ethical codes. Many experiments provide evidence for the idea that ethical constraints should not be the only factor in deciding the ethicality of a study. These studies include; the Tuskegee study, Henrietta Lacks, and the Tudor study,
An earlier study portraying the conflict between guidelines of ethical procedures and personal ethics is the Tuskegee experiments. This experiment began in the 1920’s and consisted of injecting, what would be healthy black men in Alabama, with syphilis to test the effects of untreated syphilis. This experiment breaks four separate ethical guidelines at first glance. The first is mandatory informed consent, the second being minimizing the risk of all participants, the third eludes to the avoidance of discrimination due to characteristics such as race, gender, age and the fourth refers to the negative impact on coercion (ASHA, 2014, p.1). The experimenters in this study did not tell the men what they would be injected with knowing that there would be a large amount of risks...

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...iquing the code itself. ASHA’s Code of Ethics was developed in 1932 and has been revised numerous times, most recently in 2014 (ASHA, 2014, p.1). The aforementioned studies display the enormous change in ethicality throughout the years and some problems that come about when ethicality is not followed. The ethical guidelines that are being followed are constantly changing, thus one cannot completely follow the code and must use his or her own moral code to determine whether something is ethical or not when the code fails to use ethical guidelines its self. Neither ethical judgment nor a code of ethics is meant to be used solely, but are meant to be used together to ensure the most ethical procedures possible. The aforementioned studies display the enormous change in ethicality throughout the years and some problems that come about when ethicality is not followed.

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