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Ethics And Ethics Of Employees Essay

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Ethics of employees are a large part in their daily life. Ethics within employees can cause an employee to be an asset to an organization or the lack of ethics can cause an employee to be a discredit to themselves and the organization. Unethical behavior can stem from a variety of sources and the situation that the employee are faced with can dictate which path they take in making decisions. Certain situations can cause an employee to act unethically. Addressing unethical behavior is the responsibility those in managerial positions but all employees have the ability to take action as well.
Leaders that possess good ethical standards can assist the organization in mentoring employees that care for their fellow employee and the organization. Managers that lead by example instills trust and motivation with in the workforce. Employees that have a leader that respects their subordinates and the organization’s mission will build a workforce that respects each other because their leader is setting a positive influences and examples. According to Dannenberg (2015) a manager that leads by example is one that contrubututes first while other are deciding on the decision.
Leaders that receive and give respect from employees are leaders that have earned many traits such as trust, honesty, confidence and loyalty. Leaders that not only possess traits as this, but also have these traits in their subordinates build a bond. In an experiment that was, done Dannenberg (2015) stated that teams had better outcomes when their leader was leading by example rather than just waiting for a decision. Waiting for decisions to be made could mean that the leader does not know what is going on and is there as a figure rather than a person with...

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... occur a leaders must really display an ethical fortitude to maintain the trust and respect of its team. However when unforeseen incident occurs and unethical behavior is displayed because of it, this causes leaders to lose the respect of its team. Leaders are being carefully watched and extensively during a crisis. This is where the team member is looking for leadership to lead them out of the crisis. More than ever leaders will get the support and gain the trust of its team members. We all had the follow leaders and it is those tough time that a true leader is measured. Leaders that display unethical behavior are incapable of dealing with unforeseen circumstances there is no true research to clearly find a linkage. Unethical behavior not only affect what leaders do on the job however it’s safe to say that it has effect on his or her personal/ family life also.

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