Ethics And Decision Making Process Essay

Ethics And Decision Making Process Essay

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Working in administration positions can be challenging as tough decisions have are made to solve a particular issue. At times as administrators, we tend to go off instinct instead of utilizing protocol and assumptions. Our decisions can alter a workplace in a matter of minutes; which can result in turmoil for the organization served. As administrators ethical analysis and actions aid in the decision-making process; however, it does not stop there. According to text, in addressing ethical issues, besides identifying a problem and making a quick decision, as an administrator what course of action and responsibility will you partake to make sure the right decisions are made. In the decision-making process, it is best not to jump to conclusions instead, specific steps are to be taken to change the problems that abrupt. (Cooper, p. 29) In the case of Charlie Upton, a local town administrator, whom have many leadership positions within his community. With the case provided, this will be a prime example of how a prescriptive decision-making model can correlate with Charlie Upton’s problem and the ethical dilemma that comes along with the problem.
Charlie Upton is from a town name Summit and holds various administration positions within the town. Charlie is the lead in the child protection services (CPS) and his a 17 year veteran of the police force. In addition to Upton’s police force and his CPS job position, he was elected to serve as chair of the local school board and was the President for the board of directors of the Pee-wee Football League even with his own youth football team within the league. Lastly, Mr. Upton played as Santa Claus yearly in the town. According to the case, Charlie Upton was very popular in Summit village a...

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... respect. From the case, Mr. Bell, the administrator had refused to appoint Charlie Upton’s separation pay. Although, Upton was arraigned with probation, Mr. Bell was still responsible for the signing of Charlie Upton’s separation pay. Basing decisions off of anger and other emotions are a sign of unprofessionalism and is unethical. Mr. Bell refused to give an employee what was there’s as according to Upton contract, he is supposed to receive $26,000 of the non-used holiday and sick day leave. Refusal of duties is unethical can result in the effects of having a hostile working environment in particular when the members are following their job duties such as the village’s Finance Director whom did the paperwork process for Upton for it to be signed by Mr. Bell, the lead. Another reason under professionalism was that Mr. Bell refused to take a directive from the

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