Ethics And Confidentiality Of A Counseling Center Essay example

Ethics And Confidentiality Of A Counseling Center Essay example

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Ethical along with confidentiality issues are always a concern when you are dealing with clients in a counseling center. It could be a couple therapists engaging in seemingly harmless chit chat at the water cooler, sensitive topics brought up in a group which brings about personal discussions within a group or mishandling of client records. Although all the staff at the agencies know or should know about good ethical practices and confidentiality the subject of confidentiality should also be brought up with the clients within the group reminding them of the importance of each other’s confidentiality once outside of the group setting. When agencies have staff meetings the importance of ethics and confidentiality should be brought up so it is a constant reminder of the importance of these two subjects.
When I first began at the agency the first concern I noticed was a concern to me was at times client’s records would be out in the open. At the time that agency was preparing for an audit, not that this is any excuse, and although this isn’t the main reason I am at the agency during slow times I helped staff members get these records in order and back into the proper locked files. Since then most of the time files are not out in the open where other clients can see the name of someone else. Although I have seen a couple therapists doing something and go to the front lobby area with a client’s file and set it down walking away forgetting it. Another situation that I observe is someone might be entering group notes into the computer, and a client comes in and they bring them back to where they are working without saving and closing the window on the computer. There could also be other client’s files sitting on the desk or in the work a...

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...n of authority and if the therapist is expressing their views and the client’s views are different, chances are they are not going to be willing to open up and be honest. More than likely the client is not going to participate in the group because if they disagree with the therapist, the client will be wondering if the therapist is going to hold that against them or perhaps report them as being non-compliant to their probation officer. This is the most unethical issue that I am witnessing at the agency. I am planning on bringing this up for our group discussion receiving feedback from my peers. Politics are one of those topics I have always heard that are not discussed among family and friends because all they will do is cause trouble in the friendship or family. Sometimes even worse, it causes friendships to end and family members to stop talking to one another.

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