Ethics : An Invisible Rule Essay

Ethics : An Invisible Rule Essay

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Ethics as an invisible rule exists in our society, and it help us to examine what the right or wrong is. Ethics is not a law, but it seem like an invisible law to control everyone whose behavior. Business ethics always applies into trading or some competitors behaviors. According to the case, I have been catch up five points of ethical dilemmas for business ethics:
Oracle Corporation hire GI to investigate ACT

Offer high price to the janitors for the trash of ACT 's office
Try to buy the supervisor over
Ellison described his acting is civic duty
A fault denied by Ellison
Oracle and Microsoft are competitor, and I think as a competitor it 's unethical action which Oracle hire GI to investigate the relationship between Microsoft and ACT because the purpose is suspect and dark. Otherwise, Oracle has no reason and right to get information from ACT because it not legal, so they try to hire private investigation company to collect other company 's information. It looks like Oracle has other purpose which must be benefit for their company. The GI Staff try to offer high price to the janitors, and she order to get information from the trash rather than do it by her-selves because she knows if she turn over the trash, she will violate the law. When the janitors refused her, she come back the next day, and also try to buy the supervisor over to cooperate with her. The staff tries all
means to get what they wants. Ellison thinks his action is civic duty, but I don 't think a citizen will do this like him. In the end, when agent asked Ellison about hiring GI to investigate, he described he wants to bring the information which public unknown into the light. I think these are suspect and unethical.
Base on the five ethical dilemmas that ...

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...ut If they accept the trade, they may lose their job and violate the law. Finally, I think the supervisor and janitors are justice, and they use their ethical standard to made a good decision.
Overall, Business ethical dilemmas is a serious problem, and unfair competition is shameful. The marketing of the brand depend on company 's strengths and strong marketing rather than use unethical behavior to make unfair competition. The acting of unethical is always existing in our society, and sometimes it 's unavoidable; however, the ethics as a kind of powerful control standard to our life, everyone should keep the rules even if ethics do not follow the legal binding. When we meet same problem as the janitors, we should use the Jennings Ethics models to help us resolve the decision. If everyone can achieve the ethics, the ethical dilemmas will disappear in our security.

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