Essay about Ethics : A Moral System Without Denying Individuals Freedom

Essay about Ethics : A Moral System Without Denying Individuals Freedom

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Ethics have been apart of life since we born. We are taught at a young age to not still, and that it is bad; to always hold that door open for older people, and to just be whole heartily kind. Also we have to think ethically every decision we have to make and to take everything in apart of what you decide, even keeping you in interest. It is important to consider a situation or contest in which moral problems occur. Also it is important to establish moral principles, rules and guidelines. Another is on how businesses apply ethics to make then well rounded, which is important for anyone in business or going into business. The last important thing is why we cannot have the central problems of morality how to attain agreement in a moral system without denying individuals freedom. With all of these this you have to make sure you are staying true which can be very hard in some cases.
It is important to consider the situation or context in which moral problems occur because depending in the context will depend on the type of answer you will give. Moral problems are due to the fact that morality is subjective, and what one person may find to be moral, another person may find it repulsive. An example of this might be the law because it is the result of the morality of the bulk of people, that is was the masses find acceptable, but there will always be a small section that will disagree with any moral law put in place.
According to Chris MacDonald a professor form Saint Mary’s University in Toronto, Canada, “there probably is no generally correct answer to questions like,” Which is more important, telling the truth or preventing harm?’ A lot depends on context.” (MacDonald) With this in some cases it might be more important to ...

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...orking for a business and it is always good to have moral ethics and be able to see the importance in them. (Moral) For example when a person takes action on behalf of a business, that person exemplifies the business ethics to community and society.
In the last several years there as been quit a bit of attention on business ethics form highly visible cases of corporate wrongdoing, particularly in the public officials. For the company and or business to protect the reputation that have been combed through the company polices about ethics to improve then for the company but also to show their consumers that they do care. With this as made it big in most companies and businesses for their employees to sign contracts. This is all-important in ethics and moral principles, rules, and guidelines for the company but also the individual too other wise it all could fail.

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