Ethical Value in Corporate: The National Integrity Plan Essay

Ethical Value in Corporate: The National Integrity Plan Essay

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Ethical value in corporate culture is about distinguishing right and wrong. National Integrity Plan is set up in the year of 2004 by the formal Prime Minister (Tun Adbullah Ahmad Badawi)
There are five target of agenda which are effective reduce corruption, malpractices and abuse of power, increase the efficiency of the public service and overcome bureaucratic red-tape, enhancing corporate governance, business ethic and corporate social responsibility, straightening the administration and community and improving the quality of life and people’s well being.
CISM are supported by stakeholder of PEMANDU, MACC and Bursa Malaysia Berhad, in which helping to promote CISM. By the way, they are creating a group to tell public about they are against corruption. For the existing corporation, they have guideline to fix some policy. For the company around the table, CEO should be responsible to set up their tone of ethical value. They should look at the ethical performance and behavior of the company. Then the leadership is needed to constantly reinforce this through different interventions and to support through the organization to do the right thing. So whether you are large multinational organization or small SME, it depends on the culture of the company.
Scandal seem that is continued coming from the UK right now, we have got on going banking scandal and every week he come out with a case study. From the Enron and Arthur Andersen is a perfect example of ethical on world what they make wrong. They can make a lot of money in a short term, but in the long term he unethically business can be doomed. They should look for the sustainability and long term interest of the business. SME found it more challenging than multinational companies ...

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...gulations and norms, are necessary for effective business reputation. Nowadays, accountability and transparency have become key issues for companies of all sizes as they recognize that they must take risk to their reputation.

Government can do better ethical and best practice, in terms of advocacy working together investor stakeholder like PEMANDU and MACC. Working closely with them, reason is we are focusing to business community Malaysia. Because these are the primary pool response to their answer survey wish actually they are taking as a sampling form. Approach have been to brought to the central governance and the public, public sector entity and as well wish out to the international chamber of the commerce international investment community for who their the one who ship the ranking. So well it cannot happen overnight move forward and this is work in progress.

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