The Ethical Treatment Of Animals ( Peta ) And The California Milk Producers Advisory Board

The Ethical Treatment Of Animals ( Peta ) And The California Milk Producers Advisory Board

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“Great Cheese comes from Happy Cows. Happy Cows come from California.” A statement heard and seen on multiple advertisements, from commercials, to print.
It is this statement that sets in motion a lawsuit between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the California Milk Producers Advisory Board (CMAB). PETA is a group who fights for animal rights through public education. CMAB is a food department whose goal is to promote California milk and the use of dairy products. These two groups, state their facts backing up their sides in order to defend their actions.
PETA filed their complaint in 2002, stating their reasons for taking action against CMAB. The first reason is for their false and deceiving advertising plan know as the “Happy Cows” campaign, which goes against the California laws. Secondly their advertising went against an environmental misunderstanding, and finally the breech in the California’s Unfair Business Practices Act (UCL). PETA was in pursuit of a permanent injunction of these advertisements, meaning they wanted them to stop airing and creating them immediately. PETA states that the topic of the campaign is “...portray spacious, grassy pastures...the ease, luxury, and contentment of life as a dairy cow in California.”. However, the plaintiff argues that in reality the cows face, “... the vast majority of California’s dairy cows live anything but easy, comfortable lives.”. PETA saw the deceiving advertisements as their first reason to file a lawsuit against CMAB.
PETA uses California’s Unfair Business Practices Act, (UCL) as a back for their lawsuit. The UCL is the main factor that PETA tries to nail CMAB on. The UCL was forged in 1998, and focused on biased and unjust policies in businesses. ...

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... the consumer peace of mind.
PETA was in pursuit of a permanent injunction of the California Milk Advisory Boards “Happy Cows” advertising Campaign. PETA believed they could win by using California’s Unfair Business Practices Act as their niche in getting them to stop. However, this act pertains to corporations who are considered a person and the CMAB is not considered a person. They are a part of an agency relationship with the California Department of Food and Agriculture. I personally believe that PETA should have won this lawsuit since their advertisements are deceiving to the consumers. Although, CMAB is in a difficult decision, because if the consumers were to know the truth about their dairy there is a possibility of backlash and a drop in their sales. I see these campaigns are still continuing and it makes me question CMAB’s ethics and beliefs as a business.

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