Essay on The Ethical Treatment Of Animal Experimentation

Essay on The Ethical Treatment Of Animal Experimentation

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In discussions of animal rights, one controversial issue has been animal experimentation. On the one hand, advocates argue that all animals have the right to not be exploited for experimentation. On the other hand, skeptics contend that animal experimentation is necessary in order to improve human health. I strongly believe that animal experimentation is unnecessary as it can be unreliable and cruel. Animals should not be forced to suffer for research. Alternatives for animal experimentation are on the rise and eventually these experimentations will come to an end for the better.
Animal experimentation is believed to be required to accommodate from the research in order to enhance in the medical field for humans. Unfortunately, the truth is that the experiments are unsuccessful and do not help in advancing human health. A major reason would be the fact that humans and animals are clearly not the same species. People for the Ethical Treatment of animals (PETA) is an animal rights organization dedicated to ending animal experimentation and any other form of animal cruelty. PETA greatly believe that there is no benefit for human health from animal experimentation. PETA states, “The majority of animal experiments do not contribute to improving human health, and the value of the role that animal experimentation plays in most medical advances is questionable" (Medical Testing on Animals Is Cruel and Unnecessary). PETA’s point is that, a good amount of animal experiments fail in aiding human health overall therefore making the use of animal experimentation arguable. My view is that animal testing is more of a tradition, a tradition that needs to end and embrace modern technology. Researchers will rarely announce unsuccessful results, ...

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...cientific proof that animals are needed in order to enhance human health. The lives of animals are simply being taken away from them. Luckily alternatives will become available soon maybe even sooner due to advances in technology being made rapidly. All animals are equal to us just as other humans are equal to one another, animals should not be looked at as objects that can be manipulated at will for our scientific purposes. Animals have been tormented long enough with not much progress in the medical field. There should not be an option of improving human health while hurting animals. Like I’ve stated I strongly believe that animal experimentation will come to end soon as more researchers and scientists are becoming well aware of the limitations that animal experimentation provides in all. Truly that would be a great discovery to an end of animal experimentation.

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