The Ethical Theories Of Amazon Essay

The Ethical Theories Of Amazon Essay

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For many years, Amazon has been held as a gold standard of product distribution. They are highly efficient at providing quality products to their customers. According to Amazon, they are able to do so ethically. However, their history has not been without controversy. Most recently, the New York Times released a report that called treatment of their employees unethical (Kantor and Streitfeld). The purpose of this paper is to determine which of the four ethical theories Amazon would claim to be using as a guide to their social responsibility practices. I will begin with a brief description of Amazon and its company values, and an explanation of each ethical theory. Then, I will use Amazon as a case study for these theories. The last question I will address is whether Amazon’s practices are sustainable over time.
Amazon is one of the largest brands in the world, reporting $23.18 billion in sales last quarter. They operate with a customer-first mentality. This is clear in their mission statement, which is as follows: “We seek to be Earth’s most customer-centric company for four primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, enterprises, and content creators (Amazon).” Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos seeks to bring the highest quality products and most efficient services to their customers. According to critics of Amazon, Bezos’ goals have lent themselves to a tough working environment with high demands from its employees (Frauenheim and Levering).
Aside from dedication to their customers, Amazon’s social responsibility revolves around two key concepts: communities and the environment. They strive to provide packaging that is least harmful to the environment, using up to 100% recycled fiber. Additionally they have provided $50 million in gr...

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...ix of many theories and not clearly one way or another.
The commitment that Amazon puts forward, to their communities and the environment, is a classic example of Care Ethics. Quite simply, they participate in these activities because they want to do right by society (Amazon). They believe that because their employees and customers live in these communities, they have a duty to take care of all of those people in whatever ways they can. This speaks to the concept of networks that the Accommodation and Harmony principle in concerned with (Manning and Stroud 74).
The environment is an important issue to Amazon because of how much of an effect their business could have on the world. They strive to reduce how large their footprint is by coming up with innovative solutions. Relationship Awareness would suggest that at the most basic, any person has the relationship of

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