Ethical Theories And Ethical Perspectives Of Women 's Equality Essay

Ethical Theories And Ethical Perspectives Of Women 's Equality Essay

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An ethical issue is a situation that requires a critical evaluation to determine if it is morally right or morally wrong. A code of ethics can consist of personal, legal, social, and moral standards of rightness. Ethical issues are often subjective rather than objective and are open to personal opinions and interpretations by others. Most professions and community interventions follow a particular code of ethics. Ethical codes define the operating principles that individuals should uphold. Any behavior that contradicts the principles can breach ethical behavior. This paper seeks to apply ethical theories and ethical perspectives to women 's equality. The society assigns different roles to both men and women (Holgate, Abbott, Kamenou, Kinge, Parker, Sayce, Williams, 2012). These functions determine the power they have in the society. I picked this topic because women need to be treated with the same equal rights as a man would.
Many individuals have conducted extensive research and discussion on this issue of equality between the sexes in literature and media. Gender is a critical moral principle in every society. You can apply the core principles of ethical theories and ethical perspectives to women 's equality. This process can help in identification of the most reasonable as well as the least satisfactory moral answer to gender inequality. These theories will assist in this study will be virtue ethics and deontology, and utilitarianism.
Ethical theories provides moral insights into women 's equality because they highlight women 's rights and provide guidelines for morality and ethical consistency. Ethical principles

Provide reasons, so that one can judge actions as right and wrong. They attempt to provide justifications...

... middle of paper ...

...nging from cultural, political to the economic. Every woman should be able to have the same chances as men does and be just as equal and no less.
Where interactions among people exist, ethics becomes a principle that guides and evaluates behavior. Gender equality is a prevalent issue where women live in a society that limits their access to economic, educational, and marital equity. Ethics must provide principles for people to observe (Lutz, 2001). Gender analysis acknowledges that the lives, priorities, needs and issues of men and women vary. Personal interests and social positions of women vary and depend on age, income levels, ethnicity, disability, income levels, and sexual orientation. It is essential to seek women 's equality, where individuals consider the differences in women and men. The various theoretical approaches can help to produce equitable outcomes.

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