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Ethical Standards For Genetic Engineering Essay example

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Ethical Standards for Genetic Engineering: The Intersection of Technology and Life

Genetic engineering is one of the most innovative and novel fields in science. Genetic engineering is used to modify the genetic makeup of organisms, the DNA ‘code’ that gives an organism its traits. It can be used to give an organism genes that were not originally in its gene pool, the genes found in an entire population of organisms. Scientific fields such as genetic engineering raise many questions on what should be considered moral or immoral. Thus, a set of ethical standards must be placed so that no moral grounds could be breached. These ethical standards should prevent harmful decisions involving human life based on newly acquired genetic information, prevent genetic modification that enhances physical and cognitive characteristics in humans, and have those in the biotech industry spread awareness of short and long term effects of genetic modification for any organism.
Consequently, people should be prevented from ending the life of an embryo due to the risk that the child would manifest a genetic disease or have a genetic disorder. According to Dalai Lama, “When genetic disorders are detected in the embryo (as will increasingly be the case), should parents (or society) make the decision to curtail the life of that embryo” (Lama 134-135)? Neither parents or society should have the right to end human life solely on the chance that it might have a genetic disorder. In addition to the fact that ending life based on genetic information is extremely immoral, the genetic information can also be very inaccurate. If the embryo has the gene for a certain disease, it does not mean the human will have the disease at any point in his or her life. In ...

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...t of ethical standards has to include the requirement of the biotech industry to spread awareness of all negative effects of genetically modified foodstuffs on humans and the environment.
All things considered, a strong and effective set of ethical standards must be placed so that nobody can make any immoral or unethical choices while working in fields such as genetic engineering. The consequences of those immoral choices could do anything from greatly changing the gene pool of humans to producing harmful organisms that harm the environment. This set of ethical standards has to prevent people from making harmful decisions based on their genetic information, prevent genetic modification of humans that could enhance their characteristics and provide inhuman abilities, and have scientists from the biotech industry be aware of long and short term effects of genetically

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