Ethical Principles Of Justice, Utilitarianism, Fidelity, And Beneficence

Ethical Principles Of Justice, Utilitarianism, Fidelity, And Beneficence

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Ethical principles of justice, utilitarianism, fidelity, and beneficence all play a role when dealing with the ethics of HIV. Beneficence imposes a duty for health employers to act in the best interest for patients, take positive action to help and to do well. Justice portrays equality and it requires that people should be treated fairly. It explains that a healthcare employer will treat all patients equally and use good judgement. Fidelity involves with loyalty, fairness, and being truthful. This principle applies to the patient and being honest with their partners about their status. Lastly, utilitarianism theory supports the greater good and what is best for people. It is important that HIV positive test results are reported, so third parties can get tested as well. It is best for society to know who is infected so that others can take precaution. However, it is understandable why patients would want to keep such information private. Although the ethical principles are beneficial guidelines, they often conflict. The principle of beneficence could be problematic in a relationship where one tests positive and is required to come clean to previous partners. It can be controversial, and argued that the ethical principle of autonomy is a basic individual right and should be respected in terms of independent decision making whether or not the positive test results should be reported. Due to HIPPA confidentiality, one can argue that their rights are protected under that law.
What 's at stake on both sides of the argument is a sense of safety being in jeopardy. One side is afraid of physical and emotional safety. The other group fears a loss in terms of self-decision making, discrimination, even physical violence. When it comes down to...

... middle of paper ... should have mandatory HIV testing, however they have a right to privacy and a right to freedom from being discriminated. Besides, the cost of testing all healthcare workers would cost more than $250 million which is not realistic. CITE
Although the disclosure of HIV+ status is a difficult and very personal matter. The argument for infected patients to inform his or her partner(s) is utilitarian. The other side argues that there are certain rights which people hold that should not be limited, which is the right of privacy and autonomy. It is beneficial, and in everyone’s best interest that HIV infected individuals are required to report to their partner(s). “Patients should always be informed that there are some statutes that impose criminal liability on someone who is a HIV carrier and knowingly engages in activities that could spread the virus to others (p.169)”

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