Ethical, Moral, And Legal Implications Of A Nurse 's Professional Practice

Ethical, Moral, And Legal Implications Of A Nurse 's Professional Practice

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Taking a Stand
Nurses practice in a complex environment. Providing the best patient care centers around moral, legal, and ethical values (Laureate Education, 2012). Ethical, moral, and legal principles must guide a nurse’s professional practice. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the conceptual frameworks, describe a dilemma in the workplace, analyze the moral, ethical, and legal implications, and finally, discuss the leadership affect of my particular leadership style on this dilemma.
Conceptual Framework
A person 's ethical beliefs are shaped by their religion, culture, family values, and life experiences. It is imperative for nurse leaders to go beyond examining their own ethical and moral beliefs. They must educate themselves on concepts, theories, and frameworks to effectively deal with ethical dilemmas, questions of morality, and legal issues. This is important not only for their own well-being but also because they are role models for all staff within their organization.
Different ethical frameworks exist. Deontological ethics theory is based on duty, rights, and intuitionism. Duty-based reasoning is an ethical framework based on the reasoning to do or to refrain from doing something. Rights-based reasoning is based on the belief that someone has a basic claim or entitlement (Marquis & Huston, 2015). An intuitionist framework allows for a case-by-case decision to be made by weighing the goals, duties, and rights (Marquis & Huston, 2015).
Some may try to argue that the teleological theory of utilitarianism of doing the most good for the most people outweighs the deontology theories of rights based, duty based, and intuitionism. However, as nurses, we have a duty to protect our patients’ privacy. Nurses ...

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...he school. The conversation was amicable, and I feel that I was able to balance my duty to my students with my desire to maintain a good rapport with the administrators. According to Pavlish (2011), advancing nurses’ moral reasoning skills helps mitigate ethical challenge and enhancing these skills will benefit everyone in healthcare, especially patients, families, and their nurses.

Recognizing moral challenges is important to all nurses, but it is especially imperative to nurse leaders. Nurse leaders must be aware of ethical, moral, and legal conflicts. Moral distress can affect the quality of care and cause burnout. Nurses must take action when they recognize a moral problem to minimize moral distress and burnout. Nurse leaders must be especially conscious of encouraging self-reflection and self-regulation in moral, ethical, and legal dilemmas.

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