Essay on Ethical Limitations Of Genetic Engineering

Essay on Ethical Limitations Of Genetic Engineering

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Dan W. Brock ambitiously sets out to see if there are conditions under the idea if genetically engineering humans offspring is morally permissible and if there are any moral limitations that constrain the use of genetic engineering. In “Genetic Engineering”, he defines the obvious complications first and foremost on this topic. He states that since this is a new medical experiment, there is still an enormous amount of work that lies ahead to understand the specific genes that not only contribute to human disease and disability, but also the multitude of complex physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral traits of a normal, functioning human being. He then goes on to state the various uses of genetic engineering, which include the preventative to diseases, the overall extinction of disabilities, the enhancement of normal human functions, and the general impact of genetic engineering on the norms of fairness and inequality. However, there are cases that defy these implications. “No one can confidently predict the rate at which that understanding will be achieved in the future nor the ultimate limits on it. The way in which genes interact with other genes with different environments only multiples what we still, for the most part, do not understand” (Brock 1). In this paper, I will show how his concepts of genetic engineering are not morally permissible and the moral limitations they outweigh the beneficial aspects of this topic. In order for this idea to be true and hold for argument 's sake, these terms must be defined properly and fit into “real world” situations and scenarios, and they must be independent rules for understanding our world that we live in today.
“With the advent of genetic engineering, the time required for t...

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...e moral limitations the cannot outweigh the beneficial aspects of this topic. Although it can be used to cure diseases and illnesses, eliminate physical and mental disabilities, and expand the human race as a whole. However, the negative consequence outweighs these benefits. Not only does it have potential medical and health consequences, it also has many ethical and moral dilemmas. Like quoted before, “no one can confidently predict the rate at which that understanding will be achieved in the future nor the ultimate limits on it. The way in which genes interact with other genes with different environments only multiples what we still, for the most part, do not understand” (Brock 1), so why begin to mess with our genomes now? Why try to defy the inevitable and avoid death? Why try to create a race of super humans that could result in mass destruction of our species?

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