The Ethical Leadership Self Assessment Essay

The Ethical Leadership Self Assessment Essay

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After analyzing the results of the Ethical Leadership Self-assessment, I realized that in order for me to achieve the performance goal/objectives and development goals previously mentioned of the second assignment, I have to implement an action plan. After thinking for while about what I was missing I came up with three actions methods that would help me accomplish my goals. The methods I found most important are the proactive method, motivation method, and goal-oriented method. I realized that at this moment of my life I am lacking these methods. I am lacking motivation, lacking proactivity, and lacking goal orientation. By following these methods, I would not only help myself personally but professionally.

The mission of an organization is the key aspect in its functioning. Accomplishing this mission requires put a lot of effort to ensure that everyone in the organization is focused on the mission. Several methods shape the mission of an organization. Proactive methods, motivation methods, and goal-oriented methods are the main methods that help shape this mission.

Proactive methods are methods that leaders and others employees must learn and put into practice always. This involves the ability to see a problem, analyze its cause and find possible solutions for the problem (Weaver, 2014). It should be a habit to all members of the organization because it removes obstacles that could face the organization if not dealt with immediately. Members of the organization should always learn to solve issues that are within their capabilities.

Motivation methods help in the alignment of members towards the goals of the organization. Motivation training should frequently be carried out by the organization. Keeping communication open i...

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...rganizations can also set standards to improve their ethical practices. This will act as a watch dog to everyone in the organization because everyone should follow the ethical standards.

In conclusion, ethical practices are very important to every organization. It is notable that organizations with good ethics thrive well compared to organizations which do not promote ethical practices. Ethical practices are also essential in an improvement of the quality of goods or services offered by several companies or organizations. Since every company will try to practice ethics, they will end up providing quality services and products. The government should also put laws to ensure that organizations practice ethics in every sector of management. This will also safe guard the rights of employees who might be facing unfair treatment from the leadership of their organizations.

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