Essay on Ethical Leadership Responsibilities

Essay on Ethical Leadership Responsibilities

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Ethical Responsibilities
Ethical leadership is a term that has become very commonplace today. It is a concept that many have come to see as important as leaders do have a very big role to play when it comes to driving teams in the right direction. Choices and decisions made by leaders/managers impact the team heavily. Leaders must have high ethical standards to be able to manage and work effectively. Ethical leadership is the core of a great organization; a leader bears the greatest responsibility in the overall direction of an organization and that applies to ethics as well. An ethical leader must first and foremost be ethical; the five principles of an ethical leader should inform all levels of an organization to create an ethical culture for all parties. Maintaining ethical standards can make or break an organization and that depends greatly on the leadership that is practiced. Working at Sigmund Cohn, I have seen how ethics take priority over anything. Production will be stopped until certain questions are answered.
Some of the responsibilities of the managers include contacting the customers and explain them specific issues that postpone their orders. Often times, order require certificate of analysis which provides impurities of the material. Some items require specific amount of impurity based on the element and material. What do we do when specification does not meet the requirement? Customer is contacted momentarily, and additional tests are being conducted in house as well as with third party. Nothing leaves our doors until we know for certain we have followed all ethical guidelines and regulations.

Ethical Vulnerabilities
Ethical principles are informed by the values, morals and belief systems that a le...

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... and goals and how these build into the greater goal for all. An ethical leader attends to personal and overall interests and builds the two to create overall success of all. Everyone in the organization should feel like a purposeful contributor towards success.
In conclusion, in the creation of an ethical workplace, I would begin by adopting the principles of an ethical leader and practicing them so as to inculcate the ethical principles to all involved. Creating a work place where the values of respect, service, justice, honesty and community are emphasized would be my goal for all. A leader works and at the same time creates other leaders in the process, and I would endeavor to raise and maintain an ethical culture for employees who work for the good of their own personal wellbeing, each other’s welfare and in turn, the overall good of the organization .

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