Ethical Judgement and the Production of Knowledge Essay

Ethical Judgement and the Production of Knowledge Essay

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Ethical judgment is not a definite restriction for the method and production of knowledge in art field, but it does relatively limit the production of knowledge in the natural science fields. Since the ethical judgment is an authority in a majority of people’s notion and mind, people tend to follow ethical standards and harder to develop the further knowledge. In addition, reason is one of the ways of knowing and moral principle is a crucial factor that shapes the pursuit of knowledge. The extreme cases in the natural science and in distinctive areas of knowledge violate the reason that undermines the moral obligation. There are numerous examples can demonstrate that extreme cases in science field, such as scientific experimentation involved human mortally killing, are controversial for the for public and entire society. The morally good or correctness and ethical judgement potentially hinder people from finding advanced knowledge and circumscribe the process and method of knowledge as a result of the public opinion and moral dilemmas. However, some artists are paid great attention and express their concepts more effectively by challenging ethical judgment in works of art, which reveals that ethical judgment and moral principle expand the methods available in the production of knowledge in the art field.

For the science in the area of knowledge, the human brain sampling experimentation is an ideal experiment for the research of hormone and a very representative example for the statement that ethical judgments relatively restrict the methods available in the production of knowledge in natural science. If the experiment successfully achieve, it will help scientist to have a better understanding of the medical science and scientifi...

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