Essay about The Ethical Issues Of The Today 's Society

Essay about The Ethical Issues Of The Today 's Society

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There are many ethical issues in today’s society. I believe that my generation is caught right in the middle of a generation gap. I have noticed over the years growing up, that some people have very opposing views on certain ethical issues. These can either be little conflicts of blown up out of proportion. I also have noticed that on some issues, my parents and I have completely different views on some issues. I thought it would be interesting to interview my mom about, one of today’s big issues, same sex marriage.
Amy Stang was born in a small town in rural Colorado. Her mother and father are very strong Roman Catholics. She has been married to the love of her life for eighteen years, Dave. She and Dave have three beautiful children, Landon age twenty-one, LeAndra age eighteen, and Lauren age thirteen. They currently live in Limon, Colorado and have for twenty years. Being raised by two Catholic parents, Amy was baptized a Roman Catholic. They attended church every Sunday, no matter how late she was out the night before. Sometimes being raised Roman Catholic means a person lives a very strict life style, and they are expected to be raised with certain ethical ideas. This being said, Catholics seriously frown upon homosexuality or anything related to homosexuality.
It is sometimes rare for Catholic families to have lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people in his or her family. In Amy’s case, she has three cousins who are openly gay. One of her cousins is married to her wife and have a beautiful baby girl. When Amy’s cousin came out to the family, she didn’t know how they were going to react, considering having such a strict Catholic background. To her cousin’s surprise, the family accepted her with open ar...

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...round. She had a stricter up bringing than I did. I believe that this is why some of our views oppose eat others.
I believe that couples can do whatever they want to do. They can marry who they want whenever they want. I think that some media attention should be brought to the issue, because the ruling of the Supreme Court would not have made that big of a difference if no one heard about the ruling. I believe that the media can be beneficial in many ways and also can be terrible in other ways. Being raised by knowing gay people, I have learned to love and accept everyone for who they are, and to not judge people by their sexual, political, or racial views. Growing up a Roman Catholic does not always mean that we believe the exact way we are taught. I believe that the church is now starting to realize how God loves everyone no matter who they choose to love.

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