Ethical Issues of Human Cloning Essay

Ethical Issues of Human Cloning Essay

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The word "cloning" is commonly used in everyday communication to mean many different technological procedures. Cloning is more specifically defined as somatic cell nuclear transfer. Simply explained by Glenn McGee in his article Primer on Ethics and Human Cloning as "the starvation and subsequent implantation of DNA from one organism (e.g., cells specialized to make that organism's hair or milk) into an egg whose DNA nucleus has been removed. The resulting egg and nucleus are shocked or chemically treated so that the egg begins to behave as though fertilization has occurred, resulting in the beginning of embryonic development of a second organism containing the entire genetic code of the first organism," (........).This method was first harnessed in 1952. Further manipulation of the procedure provided the first mammal being cloned in 1996. A sheep named Dolly was created by Dr. Ian Wilmut form PPL Therapeutics and the Roslin Institute of Edinburgh, Scotland. Several more mammals proceeded Dolly including mice, cows, pigs, cats, rabbits, and a mule in 2003. While progressing leaps and bounds, cloning still provided many undesirable presentations. For example, Dolly was severally obese and died prematurely. Aged chromosomes during her creation is thought to be the cause of her unfortunate death. Many clones created have had complications with their immune system, lung, livers and like Dolly, many have been obese. Cloning has also proven to require nearly endless attempts to provide a full pregnancy resulting in a live mammal. In Dolly's case, she proceeded 277 failed pregnancies. Furthermore than physical complications, many other issues, both tangible and ethical, steadfastly accompany cloning.

Cloning, still being entirely exp...

... middle of paper ... need of organ transplants. One needs a liver, another needs a kidney, two need a new lung, and another needs a heart. Should I justify therapeutic cloning, I would then have to justify the murder of an innocent local to provide organs to these five people in need. If my wife needs a kidney transplant and I can provide a match and giver her one of mine, I have the conscious ability to make that decision. However, and embryo, a premature child, does not have the voice to say that he or she is willing to give up his or her life to benefit research of medical advances.

The idea of being able to use exactly compatible cells to safe lives sounds like a beautiful reverie. If there was a way to create this miracle without creating an embryo, without killing a life, I would be extremely supportive. Until that breakthrough occurs I will stand firm behind my beliefs.

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