Ethical Issues Behind Transgender Or Gender Reassignment Surgery Essay

Ethical Issues Behind Transgender Or Gender Reassignment Surgery Essay

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What are the ethical issues behind transgender or gender reassignment surgery? Gender reassignment surgery, commonly known as GRS is “a procedure that changes a person’s external genital organs from those of one gender to those of the other.” ( There are two main purposes for altering genital organs. First, newborns with intersex deformities must be assigned to one of the sexes early in life. These deformities be caused by abnormalities during the early stages of development when the growing fetus develops either the female genitals or male genitals as determined by the lack or presence of male hormone stimulation, respectively. Secondly, both men and women occasionally believe they are mentally a different gender than they are physically. In some people, this belief is so conclusive that they are willing to be surgically altered to match their physical characteristics with their psychological identity. This condition is known as gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria ( and is more common in men than women.
As gender altering surgery becomes more popular and more socially accepted, it raises serious ethical questions. Is gender change truly a solution to gender dysphoria? Are the consequences of a gender surgery worth the procedure? Where do we draw the line when it comes to “playing God”?
There are several arguments that proponents of transgender surgery pose in support of gender reassignment surgery. One of the main issues transgender supporters cite in support of GRS is the protection of autonomic rights. This basically concludes that it is each person’s right to decide what he or she wants to do with his or her body, and because of this they shouldn’t be restricted when it co...

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...we are “playing god” and taking physical alteration too far. Taking a physically healthy person and performing an entire change of identity because he or she is uncomfortable with the way he or she looks teaches people to be intolerant of problems instead of pushing through them and supports fighting the very way we were created. Lastly, with such alarming rates of people who ultimately were unhappy with their physical appearance and emotional state following the surgery, there doesn’t seem to be a countervailing benefit to such a physically and emotionally scaring surgery. If almost 50 percent of “successful” surgeries end with the patient being depressed to the point of attempting suicide, perhaps it’s time to scale back the recent trend toward supporting the surgery and explore other options that will ultimately lead the realized happiness of this group of people.

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