The Ethical Issue Of Whistleblowing Essay

The Ethical Issue Of Whistleblowing Essay

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Professional in large organization: Loyalty, dissent, and whistleblowing
People have a moral obligation to prevent serious harm to the public that might come with little cost or at a cost of their professional career. Whistleblowing is an act of expressing misconduct, alleged dishonesty or illegal activities either within an organization or publicly by an individual or a group. In an organization, there are different sectors that perform their specific tasks. As a human, we all have a moral obligation to act on behalf of public good whether we are professionals or not. Whistleblowing, a topic of controversy generally raises several ethical issues in the society because of its multifaceted nature and the different perceptions of people towards it. For some, it is extremely disloyal and violation of duties and responsibilities; and for some it is a necessary approach to expose truth about unethical practices which might have direct relationship with public safety and well beings. However, it is hard to tell whether whistleblowers want to serve the public or to fulfill their own ego. For their actions, they should be properly judged and must be protected at least if their actions were towards the best interest of someone. In the scenario of large organizations where professionals are obligated to several duties and responsibilities, and especially loyalty towards the corporation, there has to be a fine line between the loyalty and the act of whistleblowing. In necessary circumstances, which involve the society’s or organization’s wellbeing, whistleblowers should not fear the consequence of exposing any kinds of unjust, unethical practices. This can allow more transparency and just within the organization and in society. In return, pu...

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...and their family. The major issue that potential whistleblowers have to face is that they are obliged to involve those around them before they make a decision to blow the whistle.

Thus whistleblowing that involves an individual ready to expose the misconduct, or unethical practices of corporation is to serve the public and prevent employers from the malpractices. Loyalty to the employer and whistleblowing can go along if they are intended to serve for the best interest of public and themselves. Moreover, the professionals, such as engineers who have an expertise and knowledge are responsible to design but they are not responsible for setting standards, making policies and making decisions; however, they can have a say in concern to public safety, but they are not complicit to make decisions because making decisions are outside of their professional responsibility.

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