Essay The Ethical Issue Of The Media

Essay The Ethical Issue Of The Media

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The ethical issue of this case is the media telling Ashe’s private information before his family even knew. They were forcing him to share something private that he shouldn’t have had to do because of force from a news source. Ashe was so private that he didn’t even tell his family and that’s why there is a problem with the fact the media found out and pretty much forced him into sharing something private that was happening to him. They were also asking him to tell about a controversial subject at the time.
In the 1990s people feared and were disgusted with anyone who had AIDS (HIV/AIDS Stigma: An Impediment to Public Health). It was a very negative response and not something that you would want to have at this time period. USA Today’s credibility as a paper was a rocky start in the beginning. They kept losing profits around 1993 and then slowly began to become one of the most successful papers (USA Today Grows Up).
If this story were published without Ashe’s knowledge so he would be the first obligation followed by his family, friends, and work. The obligation was to give Ashe that 36 hours to tell his family and anyone else whom he felt needed to know before the story happened. Even though the story was true withholding it for 36 hours from the public wasn’t going to make that much of a difference. Ashe made his own press conference to prevent USA Today from releasing the story in a manner that he did not wish.
Fidelity would happen if the promise was broken between Ashe and Polincinski if the editor decided to run the story before the 36 hours was up or completely deny even talking to Ashe about the story. By finding out this story I feel like the reparation would definitely be giving the 36 hours to Ashe instead of not giv...

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... his medical doctors, research agencies and AIDS specialist would be more advantageous on giving the readers and the public a better prospective on what exactly is the health condition that AIDS is. A health condition that will always be a topic of discussion and research in many years to come. I feel my approach to presenting this story is more appealing to the audience as it would enlighten the readers instead of scaring them and also provide Arthur Ashe with a dignified response of how he contacted AIDS.
I feel that my suggested approach would work better then the original idea. Going with the original idea harm would definitely be brought to more then just the moral agent of this story. It is in best interest of the people and parties involved to make this news run as smoothly as it possibly can. Just springing it on everyone isn’t going to help the situations.

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