The Ethical Issue Of Johann Schultz Essay

The Ethical Issue Of Johann Schultz Essay

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To Pad or Not to Pad
Ethical Issue Presented
Johann Schultz will be graduating in the spring, and he is looking for an employer in the computer science field after graduating. Johann has found a potential position in computer security advice and systems, however there are some requirements that he may not be able to meet for the position. The position requires oral and written communication skills, working knowledge of the SpyEye X security program, a 3.5 grade point average, and the ability to lead projects (Johnson, 2012, p. 160). Johann is not familiar with the specific security program mentioned, but he has a friend that can teach him SpyEye X; he has no problem with oral or written communication, has never lead a project and completed school with a 3.3 cumulative grade point average. The ethical issue presented in this case is should Johann fabricate his skills in order to meet the requirements for the position.
Why is this an ethical issue?
This scenario resonates with the discussion we had in class about who goes over the speed limit, who we considered more ethical ourselves or others, and when we consider some acts unethical compared to others. I believe the best way to analyze this situation is to apply the utilitarianism approach. This belief system considers an act as morally right if:
a) It produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people
b) The net benefits over cost are greatest for all affected compared with the net benefits of all other possible choices
c) The benefits are greater for each individual and if these benefits outweigh the cost and benefits of the alternative (Weiss, 2006, p. 122).
Values That Influence This Decision
The values that support my views are commitment to excellence, ...

... middle of paper ... with some students. I have taken some classes and we were required to complete different assignments compared to others who took the same class with a different professor, and there were major discrepancies. This did not change the fact that we were all graded on the same scale, which is an issue that may have contributed to his grade point average being below a 3.5.
Overall, I believe that all new employees have to have on-the-job training to be effective at what they are required to do. Although prior knowledge, skills, and training are great tools to have, an employer is still going to have to teach all new hires how to apply these skills to be successful at their jobs. I believe Johann is deserving of the opportunity to utilize his knowledge from his degree to enhance office operations and display his ability to succeed with this employer.

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