Essay on Ethical Issue From The Little Man

Essay on Ethical Issue From The Little Man

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1. Explain one ethical issue from the “Little Man” film. (2 points)

After the fetus was found to be abnormal, the 2 partners were at discrepancy about whether to terminate the pregnancy or not. Gwen wanted to terminate the pregnancy while Nicole insisted on continuing the pregnancy. This dispute put stress on both partners and caused the first tear of their relationship. Besides the couple, everyone in the care team is also facing this ethical dilemma. Some people might agree with Gwen while others might be on the same page with Nicole. Some people might have no side but feel troubled and distraught by the situation. It’s natural and normal for care providers who are involved in a situation like this to have an opinion based on their personal values and beliefs. However, the really important thing that we, the involved care providers, need to address is how to deal with our personal feelings and opinions appropriately, so that they will not jeopardize the services that we provide to the patients and no harm will come to our own well-beings.

2. Identify the ANA Ethical code(s) that can inform your actions. (2 points)

There are many ANA Ethical codes that can provide guidance to our actions and help us deal with this ethical issue professionally. Provision 1, “The nurse practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and unique attributes of every person”, points out that we need to respect human dignity of every patient and establish a trustful relationship with patients to provide nursing services based on needs, setting aside any bias or prejudice. Respect for human dignity requires the recognition of the right to self-determination. Patients should have the autonomy of decision-making. Our ...

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...them than any other members of the care team. We are the liaison between the patient and the rest of the care team. We need to identify a potential problem or issue, and bring it to the attention of the whole care team. We should facilitate mutual trust, respect, shared decision-making, and open communication among all relevant persons in the care of the patients. With the collaborative support of the whole care team, the patients are in a much better position and are more likely to make an informed and deliberate decision. Besides, the collaboration among the care team can facilitate communication among the care providers, and provide a channel for the care providers to vent their stress caused by the ethical dilemmas that they encounter in work. The support from peers is very important for care providers to maintain their emotional and psychological well-beings.

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