Ethical Implications Of Ethical Consumerism Essay example

Ethical Implications Of Ethical Consumerism Essay example

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It has been known that all ethical consumerism practises have actually gained an increased supremacy over the last couple of years. Consumers have found that the tendency to inform their customers of the ethical consumerism plays a rather vital part as this results in informed purchase decisions through references to ethical as well as moral principles. (The Guardian, 2014).


In ethical consumerism the most commonly applied principles are: social justice, environmental, human rights and as well as the animal welfare discourses . It is the contemporary consumers which are usually constrained by increased amount of scarcity related to time and attention but none the less well a mounting distrust of suppliers and distributors (Sudbury Riley, Kohlbacher & Hofmeister, 2012). Due to the scarcity of time, consumers often have to strike a balance between work and family life as well as at the same time respond to an increased decision making demand level in a shorter space of time. Such circumstances often create the need for fast foods as well but also the desire for price premiums to lessen their burden (The Guardian, 2014). The scarcity of attention on the other hand makes it absolutely critical for the consumers to be able to read and understand advertisements and marketing messages faster as supported by Bucic, Harris & Arli, 2012 in their research study. Consequently, it is the commercial firms which insist that the use of classical methods for the persuasion and marketing purposes are failing. Furthermore another possible reason for such a failure in classical methods to occur is due to the younger groups of consumers emerging who are able to produce a high level of visual literature and int...

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...ocesses decisions were made before regarding the purchase of that firm’s products.

The results from this survey carried out on 30 students at the university had revealed that there was a broad variety of factors which would influence their individual consumer behaviour. The identified factors were situational, societal, economic, psychological in nature. However the study also showed that for some their disposable income was rather relevant in determining their purchase decisions, whilst others were more likely to be influenced by either their social class or their perceptions of the different brands available in the market.

On the other hand, the study also revealed that an estimated two thirds of the participants in the study are inclined towards the assessment of a firm’s ethical production and marketing processes before making the decision to buy.

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