Ethical Finance Practices of Selected Cooperatives in Davao City Essay

Ethical Finance Practices of Selected Cooperatives in Davao City Essay

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Background of the Study
Are there really any ethical practices in finance? Are most business organizations (if not all) practice the same level of ethical finance? These are only some relevant questions that have to be proven, for the public have had a huge participation about financial misconducts. More specifically, in terms of financial scandals, about the weak financial governance and the egregious amount of money being paid to executives and other traders directly involve in financial institutions. But still the answer lies ahead in the massive subject in the big world of finance. And that has made even more complex by such domains as deregulation, disintermediation, finance innovation and diversification.
As Demsey (2000) puts it "the article considers that conceptual frameworks exist not to portray truth as an absolute, but rather to provide order and guidance to actions and behavior. From such perspective, the article considers that ethical frameworks assist in our attempt to balance the instinct that we have to look out for our own individual welfare with the conscience of obligation that we have to care for a wider community. In this light, the development of ethical frameworks may be interpreted in terms of a process of natural selection with regard to the mutual interdependence of the individual and the community. Thereby, the net outcome is that institutionalized activity may be co-ordinated to function under the banner of ethical codes of practice, while broader ethical issues for the institution as a whole remain suppressed. We illustrate these arguments with reference to the financial ethics of the Grameen Bank of Professor Muhammad Yunus. No twithstanding, the example holds out the p...

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...xplained and administered.
4. After the questionnaires were retrieved, they were matched and tabulated in a spreadsheet program were used to answer the research problems.
5. After the evaluations of data, interpretation and analysis of data were done to determine the profile of the respondents and the level of ethical finance practices of selected cooperatives in Davao City.
6. After the interpretation of data, determining the profile of respondents and the level of ethical finance practices of the respondents when grouped according to age, sex and number of years working, the next step was determining if there is a significant difference between the two variables.
7. After determining significant relationship between the two variables, the next step, researchers would provide conclusion and its recommendation based on the findings of the study.

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