Ethical Ethics And Ethical Issues Essay

Ethical Ethics And Ethical Issues Essay

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Key ethical issues in US
Cascio (2016) stated "Ethical behavior is not governed by hard-and-fast rules. Rather, it adapts and changes in response to social norms. This is nowhere more obvious than in human resource management" (p. 574). There are also many potential ethical issues which organizations may face when operating a manufacturing plant in the United States. Some of the issues organizations may face could include working conditions for employees, obtaining employee information, preferential treatment, as well as establishing ethical policies and procedures for employees to follow. It is important that the organization is ethical in it 's practices because many times employees will follow by that example.
Although it is legally enforced for the manufacturing business to make sure the working environment is safe and healthy for employees, it is also an ethical issues that organizations must address. The ethical aspect of providing safety for employees show that the organization cares about it 's employees and their wellbeing. Another ethical practice that the company wants to address properly is the act of obtaining employee information and how they use it. Many times companies risk the action of invading the privacy of it 's employees or potential employees. Privacy, according to Cascio (2016), is "the interest employees have in controlling the use of their personal information and in being able to engage in behavior free from regulation or surveillance" (p. 566). Employers must respect that employees have a life outside of work and they are free to live it as they see fit. However, the organization may step in of these things prevent the employee from perming their duties.
Much like the issue of discrimination, emplo...

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