Essay on Ethical Egoism Should Not Be Happy

Essay on Ethical Egoism Should Not Be Happy

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Is it morally right to love oneself before loving someone else? Is the ideal of sacrificing our ideals and virtues for someone else to be happy? Which sounds better? In our society today, we live by the idea that in order to be happy, we must put that to the side in order for others to seek happiness. Doesn’t that sound backwards, in any sense? Wouldn’t make sense to have self-worth and be happy and content with ourselves first? With that being said, everyone would already be happy because everyone is happy with themselves, and then we wouldn’t have to worry about everyone else being happy. Sounds simple to follow this theory, but not truly what everyone believes it to be. Ethical egoism is often misconstrued for egotists, a person who is arrogant, boastful, inconsiderate, and self-centered. When behaving this way, it limits opportunities for happiness, when ethical egoism only concerns with maximizing one’s rational true happiness, according to Judith Boss of Ethics for life. With that being said, Ethical egoism is the most convincing moral theory because I believe that it is the best method to achieving maximum happiness. I also agree that our happiness comes first and rational actions are a must in order to know a short term or long term action is beneficial to me. Ayn Rand believes that in our society, altruism is a failed theory and we must follow her theory is that a man’s life is the standard value and how other theories like utilitarianism is not a moral right to follow in order to achieve happiness.
So what exactly is ethical egoism? The definition from the Judith Boss text Ethics for Life states that ethical egoism is a theory that mainly focuses on a person’s self-interest. Most philosophers believe that it’s one of ...

... middle of paper ... ticket or injuring myself or other people. If I would to continue to make it a habit of being late all the time, I’ll most likely bring these type of habits into other situations in my life like work, relationships, etc. In these sorts of situations, it’s we don’t make rational decisions in order to prevent any future mishaps so that it doesn’t steer away from our happiness, like losing a job or tainting relationships with the people we care about. According to Ayn Rand from her book The virtue of selfishness, Neither life nor happiness can be achieved by the irrational whims. Hedonism defines that type of happiness to be the standard of value, thus only concerning with our immediate pleasures. If we only act on these types of pleasures, such as running a red light to avoid waiting for the green light, we’re thinking irrationally now and that’s not morally right.

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