Ethical Dillemma Commonly Experiences in the Arts and Science Essay

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When beginning to discuss the proposed question one must first posses a valid definition of ethics in order to determine the factors of a situation that relate. Ethics are in a way the ‘rules’ that define what is or isn’t acceptable in a society based upon core values and beliefs that the society holds to be true (Ethics vs Morals). Therefore, furthering to relate to the proposed question, an ethical judgment is simply a judgment based upon the ethics of a situation. The majority of ethical judgments that are well-known throughout society have come about when a ‘rule’ is violated or blatantly ignored.
Throughout the world’s history, ethics have continuously shaped people’s opinions and influenced the actions in which they take. Our ethical judgments are based on our intuitions of right and wrong and ultimately form rules based on the collective values of society and what is seen as fitting the status quo. If these ethical standards are not met, a person or group may face disapproval or rejection by those around them. While each situation or approach in the natural sciences and the arts is somewhat unique, ultimately the ethical judgments we make will inevitably place limitations on the production of knowledge that is possible in each of these situations.
The formation of ethical judgments in relation to the natural sciences is a much more common occurrence then in the arts due to the demanding and ongoing research in almost all fields of this study. As humans, we possess a sort of impulse to further our knowledge and understanding greatly in areas that relatable to us and in those that deal with aspects of human life, due to the possible effect each individual situation may have on us. Scientists will go to extended lengths in ...

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Though through the above examples I have discussed how ethical judgments can limit the methods available in the production of knowledge, it is important to keep an open mind to the fact that these ethical judgments will differ from one society to another due to the differences in societal values and beliefs. For example, in a middle eastern country, it may be acceptable or even expected to kill ones wife for committing an infidelity in a marriage. This would be thought to restore the family’s honor after a shameful act from the wife. However, in the United States, if a husband were to do so, no matter the wife’s actions or his beliefs, he would automatically be tried for murder from his wrong doing. So though the proposed question has been discussed, we have to be open minded to the facts that each situation and where we are will play a strong role on our beliefs.

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