Ethical Dilemmas Of The Business Industry Essay

Ethical Dilemmas Of The Business Industry Essay

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In the business industry, there are ethical dilemmas that occur on a daily basis. Some ethical dilemma can include stealing or even having fraudulent documents in order to get an unfair advantage within the organization. Another ethical dilemma that has been brought into the light is bribery. What makes bribery unique is that in various parts of the world, bribery has become an acceptable behavior whereas other parts of the world people would consider that as unethical behavior. In order to understand what is acceptable or not when trying to bribe public officials, we must understand the principles of what is considered to be ethical or unethical.
Ethical pertains to how an individual can deal with the moral principles as to what is considered to be right and wrong in their everyday actions. What makes ethical behavior unique in that it is not a universal standard nor is it a global standard. So as a result, some people would agree that bribery is perfectly fine and it is the nature of doing business, while others would consider it an unfair advantage. “In some geographies, paying a bribe is not considered an ethical or moral issue -- it 's just the cost of doing business.” (Silverthorne, 2008). After reading the two articles, it became apparent to me that the dilemma that each organization were facing was that the fact that it was not right to pay a public official in order to expedite the business process. What made them identify that such actions were unethical was due to the fact that they came from a country where it was illegal to practice such behavior. Since these two organizations were conducting business in a foreign country, they realize that paying a public official to handle any document in order to accelerate the bus...

... middle of paper ... duties.
Every country in the world will have their cultural differences and practices that will be embedded within the people who live in those respective regions. It is important as tourists and entrepreneurs who visit foreign territory, to conduct proper research in order to have a thorough understanding as to the type of culture that exist in the visiting country. This will be important because as visitors of a foreign country, it is important not disrespect customs and traditions that the natives practice. At the same time, we must take our own ethical behavior into consideration as to what we believe is morally right or wrong. Since there are no universal standards as to what is considered proper ethical practices, it will be ultimately on the individual who make such decisions and will have to be responsible enough to handle the consequences of those actions.

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